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Why is it not possible for my child to have medical treatment in Guernsey?
It is not always possible to treat all childrens' conditions on the island as the treatment required maybe of a very specialised nature that cannot be provided through the normal channels.  Your child will be referred to the hospital in the UK who specialises in and has the appropriate equipment to treat your child's condition.  All UK referrals are made in the best interest of your child.

Can we as parents accompany our child and will there be any help with the cost of travel and accommodation?
If your child is less than 6 years of age and going to the UK for medical treatment then all travel expenses will be met by the Social Security Department for both parents to accompany their child. Contact the Travel Grant Department of the SSD on 01481 732510.

For children between 6 and 18 years of age the Social Security Department will usually pay for one parent to travel with the child.  However, in certain circumstances where it is felt essential for both parents to be present a personalised application can be made to the SSD for consideration.

Most hospitals are able to accommodate at least one parent on the hospital site.  In certain circumstances the SSD may assist with the cost of accommodation.  A Means Test will have to be taken in order for SSD to consider your request.

How are travel arrangements made, do we have to do anything?
Please go to our Referrals section above to read details on the referral process.  Please also go to our Frequently Asked Questions that hopefully will provide further information for you.  However if you have any questions that are not covered on this website then contact our office on 707470.

How will I be informed about the treatment my child will need or the operation that they may need to have?
It is essential that you ask the Guernsey Consultant the name of the UK Specialist they will be referring your child to.  At the consultation in the UK your child may not be seen by the actual named Specialist but maybe seen by one of their medical team. At this stage find out by name exactly who you are seeing and their position within the team.

If your child is referred for treatment find out the name of the Specialist giving the treatment or operating on your child. At this stage do not be afraid to ask about the medical or operating experience of the Specialist who will be carrying out these procedures.

Ask as many questions as you feel is relevant and necessary to allay any fears or anxieties you may have about the risk factors of the treatment or operation your child may be about to undergo.

Will I need to give written consent for my child to receive treatment?
Yes. If you child is under the age of 16 years you will be required to sign the Consent Form giving your permission to allow a doctor, physician, surgeon, radiologist or anaesthetist to carry out a definite named medical procedure, investigation, operation, biopsy or the removal of a named organ. This document will be signed by you the child's parent or guardian. Before giving consent it is in the interest of you and your child that you are both fully aware what is involved in the medical procedure and knowledgeable as to the outcome and prognosis before signing. Do not forget to ask any questions that you feel you have missed asking previously

If your child is 16 years of age or over he/she is allowed to sign their own consent form as this is the minimum statutory age.